What just happened?

One of our staff members says this all the time and it usually comes after something incredible, weird, really funny or really awkward.

This is what I find myself saying after a ten day mission trip to Brazil. What just happened?

I am a little embarassed by the outcome of my trip. The embarassment comes as a result of the amount of spiritual growth that happened on this trip vs the rest of my life walking with God. We were literally forced on our faces, into our Bibles and deeply into our prayer lives. Our faith was tested. Our belief system put to the test. You had to come to grips with Scripture like 2 TImothy 1:7 and Ps 23 & 91. Do you believe Him or not thats where we were.

Just so you know, I do!!! In a more real way than ever. I saw supernatural miracles on this trip. I saw people give their lives to Christ. I saw people being freed from serious oppression and possession. I saw some of my best friends working their faith out right in front of my eyes. I experienced God.

Again I am humbled by how God loves us, how He spends time and energy on growing us and how He chooses to use us to bring Him Glory.

Thanks so much for your prayers over this last month!

Seven Years Ago Today

God came really close to me sitting outside the ER at Duke. I almost lost my wife and my youngest child Philip. Though it was extremely scarry I remember feeling like God was sitting there with me, comforting me and giving me strentgh.

He then began to work miracles that would forever strengthen my faith. They told us that he had a malfunctioning flap in his heart. He doesn’t. They said he had a hole in his stomach. He doesn’t. They said he had Multiple Sclerosis. He doesn’t. They said he would be in the hospital for 3 months. We went home in 3 weeks. God blessed us with an awesome son that is perfect. He is handsome, passionate, smart, compassionate and really funny. He was in a hurry to be born (due in October but born in July) and he is still in a hurry. This guy is a blessing from God in so many ways.

So Happy Birthday Philip and Thank You Jesus for all that you have done in his life!!!


That’s all I can say about the trip so far. Here are a few of the things that I want to remember and wrestle to the ground about this trip.


  • My faith has grown more in the last week then all of my life.
  • Adversity grows you and your team quicker and stronger than anything else.
  • Spiritual warfare is real and satan is active.
  • Your faith is your faith (your faith has to be worked out between you and God, not you and anyone else).
  • Fear is not from God.
  • I have some great friends.
  • I love Brasilians.
  • I am blessed.
  • I miss my family.
  • God has impacted every member of this Gospel For Brasil team individually, forever.
  • Ubauna is a dark city that God is taking back.
  • The kids of Ubauna will rock this planet for Jesus.
  • I need to up my game.
  • I need to up my game.
  • I need to up my game.
  • Big things are coming!


I plan on posting about each day of the trip. Thanks for praying for us, we were in a battle.


Heading to Ubauna

We are heading out in minutes and we are pumped. (I am a little nervous about being in a bus for 6 hours on bumpy curvy roads and no where to go number 2. I get car sick).

We had a great send off at refuge of grace chruch last night and 6 of their members are going with us.

Can´t wait to see God move in Ubauna.

In Brazil!

We are here! After an mere 26 hours of travel we are in Fortaleza, Brazil. I am exhausted and excited.

From what I saw of Brazil from the plane it is a beautiful country. This city is huge and has both beauty and nasty going on. The setting on the shoreline is awesome! The culture here is so different, there is obviously no zoning because you have high end buildings right beside ones that look like a bomb hit them. Graffiti is everywhere. We were walking on the street about an hour ago and I saw a man try to steal a guys drink from him, the guy resisted and the fellow just kicked him in the butt and sent him down the road.

I ate breakfast as soon as we got here this morning and then proceeded crash and burn like the Hindenburg. I woke up in a puddle of drool two hours later. Man that felt good!

Don’t know what my internet access will be like this week but if I can I will blog. Keep praying for us daily. My prayer this morning was that I would be in tune to how and where God wants to use me this week (and everyweek for that matter). 

Pray for the team to regain their strength today before we head to Ubauna.