Heading to Ubauna

We are heading out in minutes and we are pumped. (I am a little nervous about being in a bus for 6 hours on bumpy curvy roads and no where to go number 2. I get car sick).

We had a great send off at refuge of grace chruch last night and 6 of their members are going with us.

Can´t wait to see God move in Ubauna.

One thought on “Heading to Ubauna

  1. It is very humbling to read yours and Joes blogs on the conditions in Ubauna and the great things going on down there. Particularly after yesterdays service where a couple of us were commiserating on how hot it was in the parking lot (88 degrees) and that we had to change shirts 3 times, which was between the times we got to into the air conditioned school to get a cold filtered glass of water with ice in it, a nice fresh doughnut or nutri grain bar, after having been delivered McDonalds biscuits (by the way we complained about not having cheese on one of the biscuits). Then I read where you guys are guiding people to the kingdom amidst the rats, snakes, 110 degree temps and voodoo priests. What a great revelation!!!! Kind of puts you in your place big time.

    Thanks for the perspective and keep the updates coming we’re praying hard and becoming humbled.

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