Eyeing An Eastern State Championship

coachesThere are only four teams left in the state in our division and tonight it goes to two. The winner of our game tonight is the Eastern State Champion and will play for the State Championship next Saturday at Wake Forest University.

Our opponent is Southern Durham which is the No. 2 seeded team in our bracket. They have won seven straight games and 10 out of 11. From our film studies, their strength is a fast defense that doesn’t miss tackles. They also have a strong running game.

Hoggard has not lost a home game since 2005  and it’s only  road loss was last season in this game a 31-29 defeat to eventual state champs Greenville Rose.

The place will be packed, the air electric. Thank you God for the opportunity to be apart of the community this way!

It’s game day, I must go find a toilet.

Weekend Scoreboard November 25th, 2007

Week Two of “ING” – StewardING

Attendance – 339 – same week last year 223 (52 % increase)


  • Lifepoint had a quest speaker this week and he rocked! You have to check out the podcast this week.
  • This series is so important to honoring God in our finances and getting ahead. God’s Word is so clear in this area and when we follow it, we position ourselves for blessings.

Bottom Line: Put God First And Your Finances Will Last

Next Week: “ING” week 3 – ManagING

Vikes Go to 13-0

HillsideHoggardSorry, that I didn’t hype this one up during the week. We played a really talented Durham Hillside team last night in the Eastern Semifinals and we came out victoriously. The final score was 29-14 and puts us in the Eastern Finals and one game away from the state championship game.

The best part about this game is that our short comings and misfortune from last week, helped us tremendously this week. Just like last week, we had some misfortune early (bad snap on field goal attempt, lost our starting QB, fumbled deep in our on territory) and with all that, the team kept their head up, kept digging and before you knew it, we were back on top. Just like in life, if we look at obsticles as opportunities and learn from mistakes, we will succeed.

Having said that, we had to overcome some new obsticles that I am sure we will address on Monday.

If you live in Wilmington, you should come out to the game next week. It is not often that you get to host one of these games. We will be playing Southern Durham which is the #2 seed in the east.

The Dream Season Continues!!!

Most Wierdos Are Extroverts

Please don’t take this the wrong and I already know Jesus loves everyone but some people are very weird. Worse than that, the weirder they are, the friendlier they are.

I am at a coffee shop today, trying to do a little studying and I just met a new friend. Her name is Tori and she has a friend visiting from Kansas that I will called Pat (if you are a SNL fan, your tracking). Tori, (uninvited) approached my table, ask me my favorite drink here, told me coconut sucks, made fun of my shoes, ask me where her and Pat could find a photo both, cused a few times and left. Thank you Jesus.

Call me insensitive but, what was that all about. Was it a divine appointment or a close encounter of the weird kind. What’s really funny is that Dave Holt is here at another table and he emailed me to see if everything was okay (Thanks for having my back Dave!). Have you had any weird run ins lately?Dave

Adversity Strengthens and Exposes True Character

Hoggard Pine ForestIf you read my blog at all, you know that I am helping coach a local high school football team and we are deep into a really neat season. If you have read any of the scores, you know that we have handled most of our opponents with ease this year. A quick glance at last Friday’s score and you may think the same thing (we won 52-23). But we found ourselves in unfamilar territory on Friday. We turned the ball over three times in the first have, endured some sketch officiating and found ourselves with the first halftime deficit of the year 10-20.

You would think that the halftime speech would have been a tremendous amount of shouting and ranting about poor play but it was very different than that. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time for getting in their face, but good leaders/coaches always know what is right and Coach knew these kids were just a little rattled and needed to be calmed down. He told them we were fine, walked them through what the next few series should look like and assured them, we would be up on the scoreboard, if they followed that plan. Guess what, they did it and we were up. We out score Pine Forest 42-3 in the second half and we play Durham Hillside the day after Thanksgiving.

Hillside looks to be the toughest opponent we have faced all year. They are 10-2, they’re BIG, FAST and Strong. We will see if the story continues. I still think that it is our year.

We learned a little more about our character and our resolve last week. Hopefully that will help us this week.

Weekend Scoreboard November 18th, 2007

Week One of “ING”


Attendance – 409 – same week last year 226 (81 % increase)


  • This has been a much anticipated series and you can sense that this one is hitting a need BIG time.
  • Set and Tear Down Rocked today! Dream Team your awesome.
  • Music was tight today. Drew, the band, and the sound team were on it.
  • Jeff did was Jeff does: Present hope and point people to the One who can help them.
  • Great first message in this series check out the podcast if you missed it.

Next Week: “ING” week 2 – StewardING