In Brazil!

We are here! After an mere 26 hours of travel we are in Fortaleza, Brazil. I am exhausted and excited.

From what I saw of Brazil from the plane it is a beautiful country. This city is huge and has both beauty and nasty going on. The setting on the shoreline is awesome! The culture here is so different, there is obviously no zoning because you have high end buildings right beside ones that look like a bomb hit them. Graffiti is everywhere. We were walking on the street about an hour ago and I saw a man try to steal a guys drink from him, the guy resisted and the fellow just kicked him in the butt and sent him down the road.

I ate breakfast as soon as we got here this morning and then proceeded crash and burn like the Hindenburg. I woke up in a puddle of drool two hours later. Man that felt good!

Don’t know what my internet access will be like this week but if I can I will blog. Keep praying for us daily. My prayer this morning was that I would be in tune to how and where God wants to use me this week (and everyweek for that matter). 

Pray for the team to regain their strength today before we head to Ubauna.

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