Uncommon Sense Coming Soon!

I’m back!!! Well almost. As much as I hate to admit it, I have been burning the candle at both ends and after the elation of winning the state championship in football, the stories of life change from the ING series and the huge impact of the Shine series, I crashed (more on that later).

So after a full week of vacation a few weeks ago and a few days of this week, I feel fresh again and ready to chase after God and the mission of Lifepoint. I am ready to share some cool things that God is doing in my heart and some things he taught me this fall.

I am excited about 2008 and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Dream Season Complete!


We won!!! 28-0 over the Western Champion (Mt. Tabor) and the Vikings are Perfect! We finished the season 15-0, State Champs, First Championship for our school ever, First for our city since 1952 and words can’t explain the emotions of the journey. This last weekend was awesome!

I will write more later because I am on vacation this week with the family but here are some pics for you to enjoy.


Back To Normal Next Week

Uncommon Sense has become Hoggard Football and Lifepoint Weekend Updates (I know shutup!) over the last few months but starting next week, I will resume a little thinking time and hopefully resume some normalcy with my blog. I appreciate your patience as I have pressed pause in this arena. You will however have to deal with a few more post as the Vikings go for their first ever State Championship! Here is a few pics from the NewStar this week.


Going to the ship!

champsThat was the chant Friday night as we won Hoggard’s first ever Eastern State Championship in football. So next Saturday we are headed to the SHIP (State Championship) in Winston Salem at Wake Forest University. Earning the trip was not easy. Southern Durham came to play and they had a very fast defense that made scoring a little tougher than the Vikings are used to. Our defense was amazing and held the visiting Spartan’s at bay for all but one series late in the game. Final score was Hoggard 21 – Southern Durham 6.

So this is the final week of practice and this is for all the marbles. Our opponent is a very good Mt. Tabor team that just happens to be from Winston Salem. They are 12-3 and have smashed all of their playoff oppenents. They look good on film but so has all of the teams that we have played so far. I can’t wait! More later.