Going out a winner!

gators winIf you have read any of my football post, you know that I have had the opportunity to coach at the Middle School where our church meets. It has been a lot of fun and a learning experience as well. We finished up yesterday and our final record was 3-4, a far cry from the 7-0 I was anticipating. However we did go out a winner (17-0 shutout) and it was against a rival school.

Things that I learned this year:

  1. Character is THE most important aspect of a teammate.
  2. Winning starts with an attitude. You have to believe before you can achieve.
  3. Losing will tempt you to shrink your dreams and goals – resist!
  4. Preparation is the key to success.

I want to talk a little about #4. In an earlier post I stated that winning shouldn’t feel like losing. Something that I learned this year is that preparation is the KEY to success. In football, in church, in life. Scripture says in Proverbs 21:31 “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD”. This principle is so true and the most important part of the equation is that the victory is God’s but don’t miss the importance of our part.

I remember thinking after the game that felt like a loss that we were not prepared. We didn’t have a substitution plan, we didn’t practice our extra point play enough, our defense was ill prepared to defend pass and the list went on. I think lack of preparation only leads to regrets. On the other hand, I remember the feeling after our fall kickoff service at Lifepoint and it was touchdown for the home team good. The weeks and months leading up to that service, we thought, planned, fasted and prayed and like the scripture said, the victory rested with the Lord.

I now feel so strongly about this that I think you can suffer defeat and it could feel like victory, because when you cover all the bases and you are ready, you leave no room for regrets and second guessing.

Thanks Myrtle Grove, I had a blast!

Leaders are Learners

That’s something that I have learned over the last few years. I don’t know who coined the phrase but John Maxwell is where I heard it first. He aslo said that when you quit learning you quit leading. This has been an inspiration to me to keep my mind open to new ways of doing things, to keep my eyes open to what is going own around the world that is being successful and to stay humble even when you feel like what you are doing works.

Over the last few weeks though, my thought process has been challenged. I think that I had reworded this principle to read like this: Readers are Learners. I don’t think this principle is true all the time.

At Lifepoint Church where I work, we believe that spiritual maturity is measured by application not by knowledge. We believe you can memorize all of scripture and not live it at all (remember the Pharisees). We also believe that it is better to apply one truth out of God’s word than to know it all and apply none of it. I think that it is possible in our quest for knowledge to read, listen to and look at tons of material and learn nothing at all. The book that I posted about last week (QBQ) says this: “Learning is really about translating knowing what to do into doing what we know. It’s about changing. If we have not changed we have not learned”.

This may not be new info to anyone out there but I want to challenge you like I am being challenged, If you read, listen to or here something that resonates with you, learn it! Study it and apply it, put your knowing into action, then you will be a learner and that keeps you in position to lead.

Worshipping With A Football?

FootballI know a lot of people worship football but have you ever worshipped with a football? I did yesterday and it was cool. I shared for part of our message yesterday and it was related to when I coached high school football, so I wore my coaching shirt and brought a football with me. As we got into our worship set I found myself singing to God with my eyes closed and a football lifted up. It was cool and weird. It was like it was a tambourine or something. The coolest part was a mental image that I got while I was doing this. Here it goes: Our passions when used properly are a tool for worshipping God, when used improperly, become the god we worship. I will let you think about that for a while.


QBQJust read this cool business book titled QBQ (question behind the question). The just of the book is personal accountability. The book is an excellent read for anyone, especially if you think people around you don’t pull their weight or you tend to be pessimistic. The author points out that we tend to think of all the incorrect questions or IQ’s when we look at situations. Most of the time we have a victims mentality and our questions center around why someone else dropped the ball or how we don’t have what we need to do our job. Everything can be blamed on someone or something other than ourselves or our decisions.

The author encourages you to change your questions from negative questions that don’t solve problems to positive questions that solve problems. Instead of saying things like, “why are we always under-staffed”, the question would be, “How can I help make the best out of this situation”? The difference is the focus in the second question is on you, the only person you have control over and instead of being a victim you are part of a solution.

Anyway, I can’t do the book justice but it is very positive and a quick read. It gives you a life-giving outlook on circumstances, which we all can use.

Wood Shed

Wood ShedHadn’t been there in a long time but today was the day. Obviously Williston had never heard of David and Goliath. We gave up 8 TD’s and scored zip. I watched as our well coached defense (I am the defensive coach) proceeded to put on a clinic on how not to tackle, and how not to play zone defense and how not to fire of the ball and how not to come up and play the run. I am sure it will be a best seller.

On a more positive note. Our kids showed a lot of character and class. It is when you are getting waxed like today, when you see if you have any team unity and we did. On the backside of a 55-0 score I am still proud to be a Gator!