Ten Commandments of Purity (Perry Noble)

I posted this back in 08 and it’s so good that I’m bringing it back.

Ten Commandments of Purity from Perry Noble.

  1. No other human relationship comes before my spouse.
  2. I shall remember the date night and keep it Holy (my phone will be off and in the car).
  3. I will always view my wife as my bride and the standard of beauty in my life.
  4. I will never think that I am above temptation. It’s by God’s grace that I have not fell.
  5. I shall not spend time alone or travel alone with a woman.
  6. I shall not talk about my spouse in a negative manner.
  7. I shall not ever discuss the intimate details of my marriage with anyone (especially another woman).
  8. I shall not watch pornography or expose myself to other illicit material that would cause me to lust and devalue my wife.
  9. I shall not confuse fantasy and reality.
  10. I shall remember the implications of breaking the seventh commandment (committing adultery).

The whole thing is riding on purity.

3 thoughts on “Ten Commandments of Purity (Perry Noble)

  1. Thanks so much for posting this D! I hope you don’t mind if I share it around with other men. Its a message every husband or future husband needs to hear and apply. I wish I had applied it to my life as a much younger man.

  2. Thanks Daryl, I believe that we cannot be reminded enough about staying Pure. It’s a battle of the mind and I guess we can say that it can turn into a heart issue also.

    I’ll be 66 in March and I can and will say that staying pure is a moment by moment battle. This is a Spiritual Battle and we must be
    vigilant every moment, with every turn of the head. Our eyes capture everything so we must train ourselves to look immediately away. Oh, it’s OK to call upon Jesus, remember that He’s right by your side.

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