This Weekend At Lifepoint

This series has been rocking my world. Living proof of how relevant God’s word is and how applicable it is as well.

I have also been blown away at the creativity each week. In a portable environment like a school there are a lot of things you can not do but this series has been over the top. Here are some of the cool things that I will never be able to get out of my head.

  • A dog on stage, leashed to a bench
  • Everyone holding bricks for 20 minutes
  • A fence with 696 names on it of friends who don’t know Jesus
  • This week and next are not exception. I really feel for you if you miss either one but I will post all the details here so you can read about it.
  • I will give you a hint about Sunday.  This week will be in your face!

My Boy Skip In Bolivia

Skip Bachman is one of our members and he is on mission in Bolivia working at an orphanage. I got this update from him this week.  Enjoy!

things are going very smoothly here.  i´ve found a good place to worship at and have met some really good people who love the Lord.  The kids in the home continue to wear me out but i really enjoy investing in them and just being goofy with them.  i hope to take the boys camping soon before it gets too cold.  they love to rough house with me,  i dont think they have ever had anyone to just throw em around.  when i get a chance i fix stuff around the house,  it gets pretty comical trying to do some wiring with about six kids and twelve hands wanting to help, and any tool i put down turns into a toy real quick. so i spend more time chasing down a three year old with a razor blade.

I took about a hundred bucks that Life Point gave me and bought the kids a razer scooter,  a tri cycle, and some kind of sit down scooter thing.  they were in need of some new stuff to do around the house.  i will put some pictures of them on the blog.

well man i miss you guys tons.  i cant wait to worship God with my family at life point.  He has been really working on me in a lot of areas.  it always seems that He does more for me when i go on trips than i could ever do for Him.  He continues to blow my mind all the time.

Proud of you Skip!

Pray For Our Friends Baby

One of the staff members from our last church which is one of our friends needs some prayer. If that’s your deal, I would appreciate it and it’s urgent. Here is the latest post on the babies blog and here is a link to the whole blog.

At death’s door…

We just spoke with the doctor’s and did not get the news we wanted to hear. In brief, they’ve “turned over every rock” they can think of and cannot figure out why he is not stabalizing. There are many things happening, as noted in the previous blog, but because his body is not releasing enough CO2, his blood is very acidic…to the point that he could pass away at any minute due to acid poisoning.

Psalm 23:4, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

We ask that you pray… pray hard. Our desire is for Isaac to be healed, but above all, pray that God’s will would be done and that He would be glorified in Isaac’s life and through this situation. We know that God has a great plan for his life, however long or short it may be. Patience and I know God has used Isaac to impact many parts of the world. We are very proud Isaac and of his fight thus far.

Please pray.

What We Know Can Hurt Us

I think there is something in all of us that fears the unknown. We fear taking risk because we might fail or embarrass ourselves. We fear trying something totally off the path because there is no proof that this will work. We fear what the statistics say is true.

I am coming to the conclusion more and more that we should fear the known as much as the unknown. I think many times we choose to do something that has already been done because we don’t want to fail or we know what the results might be. Or I think we look at the bank account and decide what can be done instead of asking God what do you want to do. Or we expect to get the same results as everyone else has gotten. Don’t get me wrong, data is good for learning and planning but don’t forget the God who works against all odds. The God of David, Gideon, Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Jonathan, Paul and You. Don’t forget the creative being that he made you to be. Don’t forget that taking a risk on God is not a risk at all. Don’t avoid taking risk because of what is known. Don’t expect to get the results that the survey says you will get, expect to get the results that God wants.

Let me challenge you for a moment. If you know how many people are going to come to your store, or your outing or your church this weekend based off of known data from last years attendance or last weeks attendance or some book, are you following a formula or a God of the impossible? If God has put you on task, expect Him to show up. Expect your church to reach every lost person in your city, expect your business to grow, expect to pass that test, expect to be healed from from what you are going through, expect a better job is coming, expect that future spouse is coming.

Dare to attempt the very things that God lays on your heart whether or not you know what the outcome will be. Expect the unimaginable!

Memory Master

NoahThere are tons of things in life that I feel inadequate at and undeserving of. One of these things is being a parent. I wake up everyday and thank God for allowing me to be a dad and thank Him for giving me three awesome kids.

Yesterday, I had a proud dad moment when my oldest son (Noah) achieved a goal that he had been working hard to get. It’s this thing called memory masters and it’s tough. He literally knows thousands of things that I have no clue on. Stuff like, latin verb endings, geography stuff that blows your mind, he knows an entire timeline from creation to today (161 highlights of history), parts of a volcano, parts of a plant, types of reproduction, invertebrates, vertebrates, just crazy amounts of info.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and a huge blessing.