No Guts No Glory

I am reading more an more blogs and articles online and MOST negative comments have no link to the author or a bogus address. Why is it that critics are usually cowards. I know this seems harsh, especially coming from me but it burns me up when people that don’t have the guts to attempt something have no problem ripping up people up that do. I have heard it said that there have been no monuments built to critics and it’s true.

I have personally resolved to throw away or delete any comments I receive that are anonymous. If you don’t have the guts to identify yourself, you will not receive any space in my head, on my blog or in my inbox.

God Of This City

gotcGod is doing some amazing things in our city right now but the truth is, the best is yet to come. If we can stay focused on God’s direction and His agenda, there is no limit to what impact we can have on this city, this nation and this world.

Jeff played this song for us in staff meeting today and God grabbed my heart.

Quote Of The Day

I heard so many one liners at this conference that I probably will have enough quote of the days for all of 2008.

This one was from Jenn Sangl (she was actually quoting Dave Ramesy but she is cool and I am giving her credit). Jenn is the lovely wife of Joe Sangl. They both work at NewSpring Church and are great people. They were also at C3 this week.

“Your raise is effective when you are!”