Sunday Night Recap

Since Pastor Jeff is in Brazil here is my take on this Sunday at Lifepoint.

  • It was incredible!
  • The vibe at Lifepoint right now is awesome. God is doing something cool in peoples lives!
  • Our children’s director twittered this today- “I love that kids come up asking if there is anything they can do to help serve…never to young for that servants heart! Love it!” and she is right. There were kids from 6-10 years old breaking down chairs and pulling cases out. How awesome.
  • The band was off the hook. Patrick, Jeff, Becca and the gang brought it.
  • The message today was so stinking practical and you can sense that this group of Lifepointers are on the edge of something BIG in their walk with Christ and their lives.
  • We had Wayne Cordeiro in the house today via video and he brought it.
  • We had a church plant group in the house today that will be planting in Florida. Church planters excite me.
  • We have spotlighted the ARC (Association of Related Churches) all month as one of our strategic ministry partners. I cry every time I watch a video about people moving to cities where they know no one and have a heart to reach everybody there. I love the ARC.
  • We have invested a lot money and sweat into our sound system over the last month and it shows.
  • We missed Pastor Jeff and Drew this week, however the Dream Team didn’t let up or back down with them gone! BTW word is that Pastor Jeff and the Gospel For Brazil team are kicking tail for Jesus in Ubauna.
  • We bought 60 Unleash Conference tickets for our Dream Team and they’re all gone!!
  • If you didn’t hear the message this week, you need to listen to it online and then you need to go to and dive into your Bible like never before. For real!!
  • February 8th is coming and it is going to be awesome (3rd anniversary, newcomers and kids baptism).
  • We sent a bunch of chicks to Clayton tonight to experience Christine Cain. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
  • Pray for Pastor Jeff this week. He is speaking each night in Ubauna, Brazil.
  • That’s all for now.

Customer Service

I am big on customer service both from our organization and all those that we do business with. Price point is big in being a good steward of our money but I will pay a little more for your product if your customer service is good and you value me as a customer.

I walked into a popular office supply store the other day and the customer service lady was ripping this old man a new one. I didn’t know the back story and this little old feeble man probably provoked her but to everyone else in the store, the scene was ridiculous. Tell the man you are sorry for any confusion, give him his $3 worth of copies and be a hero. I am not saying let people run you over or take advantage of you but take the high road and your business will flourish. Here is my favorite companies based on customer service:

  • Chic-fil-a – Never had a bad experience at one. They give food away to my kids whole basketball league every Saturday, they donated 72 sandwiches a week to the football team I coach and they have free food everyday next week.
  • Sweetwater – this is a provider of electronics especially sound gear for our church. The customer service is unmatched. They call to verify my order. They help me if I ordered something wrong (before it ships), they promptly send out not only the gear but the tracking info. They call to follow up and they even throw some candy in the box!! Thanks Dave!
  • B&H Video – This is who we use for camera and video camera gear. Great customer service, ships fast, great prices and I have never had a problem with an order.
  • Copiers Plus – Our local copier company. Nothing out of the ordinary with the equipment but all the owner ask me about is the church. He never pushes his equipment or upgrades and if I ever need anything, they have it there in under an hour. Thanks Mike!
  • Draughon Bros – These guys are out of Fayetteville, NC and do major light and sound productions as well as installations. Kelvin is my buddy and never lets me down. He will tell you the truth even if it hurts and he will always recommend whats best for you even if it means he looses business.
  • PC Signs – This is a company that Brad found and they are the junk! We get our banners from them. Their prices are cheap, the sometimes print it and ship it the day we give them our graphics and the product is good. If you order banners you should check your product against these guys. Their website is
  • These are some of the churches and organizations that have been over the top with serving us and encouraging us: Elevation Church, NewSpring Church,, Healing Place Church, Seacoast Church, Church of The Highlands, Catalyst Conference (Mel, you rock), Orange Conference (so generous), C3 Conference, Unleash Conference.

Thanks to all you guys for still believing that the people matter as much as the product!

What Are You Focused On?


One of my new friends is a phenomenal photographer and the great thing about her photos is that she knows what to focus on. It is obvious what is in focus and what is not.

I think there is a lot to be learned from my photo friend. Here is what I have learned.

  • If you don’t focus on anything your subject is unidentified
  • If you focus on everything, your focused on nothing
  • If you focus on the wrong thing your subject is blurry
  • If you use a zoom lens up close, you can’t see the big picture
  • If you use an up close lens for things far away, you miss important details

I my line of work, here is how this plays out. If you focus on God, things stay in perspective. If you focus on your problems, you loose perspective. If you are critical of everything and everybody, check your focus and make sure God is the clearest thing in the picture.