Chew On These

Here are some notes that Perry Noble took this weekend while listening to Ron Carpenter in Greenville, SC. There are a couple of these that made me think hard so I thought I would share them with you. I have bolded the ones that slammed me.

  • The definition of diligence is doing a little thing a long time until something big happens.
  • You will never win if you keep quitting!
  • When you are preparing you are out of step with today but in step with what is happening tomorrow.
  • The church waits on the world to create a problem & then responds to it–we need to do church in a way that puts the world on its heels!
  • Having to be inspired to do what is right is the lowest form of maturity!  (DANG!!!)
  • There are people who don’t mind if you fail…but it really bothers them if you succeed.
  • Gossip is a symptom of an unfulfilled, boring life.  The only way you can focus on my life is because there is nothing happening in yours!  (DANG!)
  • I want you to be so focused on your future that you don’t have time to talk about other people’s past!

Man On Fire

Is there a fire in your gut? Are you passionate about something? Anything? That is my burden right now. I want to see people that are fanatical about what they do and who they are. When I see people go through the motions of life it makes me feel nauseous and angry.

Having said that, here are a few things that are burning in my gut right now:

  • Helping Lifepoint prepare for what God has in store. I believe with all my heart that the only thing that will keep us from growing and pointing more people to life is us! I feel like we need to sure up our net in a few places and continue to strengthen the line in all areas and God will meet us there. However, if we bring a mediocre effort to the table, that’s all we give Him to work with. That’s BURNING IN ME.
  • Helping others catch on fire. As I stated above, it upsets my stomach to see people with potential that are fine with mediocrity. I not only want to see them meet their potential and be on fire at what they do, I want to help them. This is BURNING IN ME and I have to be honest, sometimes I just want to throw up my hands on this one. I want so bad to encourage and inspire and sometimes I just want to lay into people (which is not a bad thing). I am seeking God in this area of leadership.
  • Here is another thing that is burning in me. Since coming into ministry full time, I have done a poor job of protecting my family time. As TD Jakes says “I have loved His bride and fed mine” and God calls us to do the opposite. It is BURNING IN ME to be a better husband and father, to do a better job at leaving it at the office. I have told myself for years that it is just different in ministry and in certain areas it is but I am my wife’s only husband, my kids only dad and that’s got to come before ministry.
  • Face time with God. Jeff inspires me with this one but it is BURNING IN ME to spend more and more time with God. I don’t ever want to lean on my abilities and strength. I have been there, done that and I ain’t that good. I need God more than ever in my life and daily routine. My goal is to spend and hour in the morning and an hour at night alone with God.

That’s what is BURNING IN ME right now.


I heard Rick Warren say one time that “People are down on what they are not up on” and I have experienced this first hand.

If you lead anyone at all whether its an athletic team, a business, your home, a small group, etc., then you should read this post from John BIshop. – Enjoy!

What Appetites Do You Feed?

What you feed grows! (I know, thank you captain obvious) This is has been so true in my life. Let me give you some practical examples:

  • When I start digging into my Bible, I become so alive and I want more. I feel so dumb for slacking off.
  • When I go to the gym, I have more energy and I am inspired to get fit. Again I feel dumb for slacking off.
  • When I spend time on organization I get more done. Again, I feel ignorant for neglecting this aspect of my daily routine.

Can you see a pattern? The things in life that are good for me, actually invigorate me when I do them. So why in the world would I not do them more often? The simple answer is self discipline but there is more to it.

I have two appetites that I have to manage in my life and how I manage these make all the difference in the world.

One appetite is for those things that are healthy for me. My family, my faith, my productivity, my health. The other appetite is those things that pull me away from the first set. I will call this an appetite for destruction. Let me get real vulnerable on this one, this is stuff like lust, over eating, laziness. These things work just like the good list, if you feed them, they grow and not only do they grow but they cause the good list to suffer. If I look at the opposite sex in the wrong manner those desires will grow. If my mind is racing to the next meal my waste line grows. If I fuel laziness it affects my whole schedule.

So here is the game plan:

  • Identify the positive appetites in your life (God, Spouse, Kids, Work)
  • Feed the positive appetites (time, energy, resources)
  • Identify the negative appetites in your life (sin, time wasters, health busters)
  • Starve the negative appetites (cut them off cold, no time, not thoughts, no resources)

Secret To Green Grass

It has been dry as all get out around here lately. I mean like two years dry. When I cut my grass, I can’t see my house, or cars or anything. But even though my lawn is jacked up and my soil is dry, I have noticed that my neighbor down the street has maintained a plush green golf course lawn (and I hate him but that’s a different topic).

What is the difference in our yards? Why is it that his looks like a golf course and mine like a sand trap?

I know you know what I am about to tell you but lean in to this next part.

It’s greener because:

  • He waters it daily (sometimes twice a day)
  • He puts time into it
  • He invest in what it likes

Nothing earth shattering there but isn’t this true in almost every area of our lives? We are attracted to greener grass in areas such as:

  • Finances
  • Marriages
  • Jobs
  • Belongings

The lie that we buy into is that all we need to do is jump the fence to enjoy the green grass but the truth is, when you get over there, you figure out that the grass is green because it is watered, kept up and cared for. The simple truth is that the grass is greener where it is watered. If you aren’t happy with your marriage, maybe you need to water it, spend time working on it and invest in it. Same with your kids and your business. This even works with your health and your realtionship with God. The more you invest the more awesome it becomes, the less you invest the drier it becomes and the more other options look better.

Take the time, energy and resources you have and invest them into your lawn (Relationship with God, Marriage, Kids, Job) and you will find that it will green up just like anyone elses.