Weekend Score Board – May 27th

Week three of “Ready To Rumble”

Attendance: 277 – same week last year 140 (98% increase)


  • One Way
  • Glorious One
  • I Stand Amazed
  • Sing To The King

Moment/s to remember:

  • Our drummer loosing a drum stick because he was swinging it so hard.
  • Talking about Wrestling (Battle Royal Style)
  • Show an NWA clip in church (the Eazy E NWA, oops..)
  • Talking to parents about raising their kids to scare the hell out of hell.
  • Awesome guest speaker.

Bottom Line: If you don’t have a plan for your family, everyone else will.

Next Week: Week four Ready To Rumble: Taking The Gloves Off…and everything else.


This has been a weird month for me. Even though I am totally overwhelmed with tons of small projects and task (reason for lack of blogs) and even though there has been some intense spiritual warfare going on at the LP, I am so PUMPED right now. I felt like this when God called us down here, I felt like this for the fall kickoff and for the FWord series and I am feeling it again.

Here is a few of the things that have got me so jacked right now.

  1. Steve Fee’s newest CD Burn For You – It is insane
  2. The series we are in right now – Ready To Rumble (all about fighting for your family)
  3. LP turning the heat up on our preschool, elementary, middle/high school strategies.
  4. Lifepoint Annex – it’s our new location for students, dream team rallies and our staff’s new home.
  5. My awesome family.
  6. The Dream Team – we have been running short handed each week for the last month for whatever reason and they have flat got-it-done.
  7. An empty tomb!!
  8. This new song that we are doing this week called The Stand. The video is below, it’s long but worth sticking in there.

Weekend Score Board – May 13th

Week one of “Ready To Rumble”

Attendance: 308 – same week last year 133 (132% increase)


  • Eye Of The Tiger
  • Not To Us/Here Is Our King
  • Everlasting God

Moment/s to remember:

  • Me throwing a folding chair in the ring getting ready to rumble.
  • Showing Rocky clips on Mothers Day.
  • Having Families take pictures in front of a punching bag.

Bottom Line: Step into the ring and fight for your family.

Next Week: Week two Ready To Rumble: In This Corner (Differences between Men and Women)

Train A Child Right

I love that Proverb that says: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

I am trying to do that with my kids and tonight I was so proud. We were carrying Kelli out for dinner to celebrate mothers day and we chose to go to Smokey Bones. When we got there we found out that Smokey Bones is closed (it looks like for good), so we changed our plans to eating at Macaroni Grill.

During the meal my oldest son Noah suggested that we should pause 5 seconds in honor of Smokey Bones (he said, “that was a good restaurant”) . How awesome is that. As if that wasn’t enough, later during the meal we started talking about nascar and again Noah suggested that we pause for 7 seconds to honor the late Dale Earnhadht. I don’t know if my other two kids are getting it but Noah has embedded some important things in his heart!

25 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

I have been putting this post off for a while because I don’t want to be negative but here it goes.

  1. People who smack when they eat.
  2. People who slurp when they drink.
  3. People who click pens.
  4. People who cut in line.
  5. People who are inconsiderate.
  6. Parents who don’t watch their kids.
  7. Onions and bell peppers in meatloaf.
  8. People who are lazy (yes I hate myself sometimes).
  9. Commercials
  10. All the talking on the radio
  11. Miracle Whip
  12. Meetings that don’t start on time.
  13. Meetings that don’t have a purpose.
  14. Wearing contact lenses/glasses.
  15. People who park in handicap spots but are fine.
  16. People who park in the loading zone.
  17. People who are selfish.
  18. My weight.
  19. Fwd: Fowarded Emails.
  20. People that are more into theology than Jesus.
  21. Distractions.
  22. Unsweet Tea.
  23. People who are in slow motion.
  24. People that stand around and talk while other people work.
  25. Pastel Colors.

How Urban Dicitionary Helps Me

Last fall I signed up for the urban dictionary word of the day (I get a trendy word in my inbox each day and it’s definition). The main reason that I did this is so I could understand what in the world some of our teens were saying to me when they were talking.

I will go ahead and warn you, some of the words and definitions are vulgar and off color. So why would I want to get something like that in my inbox? It’s for two reasons that I continue to get this. 1) I have got to keep up with the lingo so I can communicate and 2) It keeps me in touch with current reality.

The word for today was sobering and motivational. Check it out:

Urban Word of the Day

May 04, 2007: butterfaith

A girl who is fun, intelligent, beautiful, perfect in every way… except she’s devoutly religious.

If not for the whole going to church and not eating meat on Fridays thing, Jenny would be perfect. Too bad she’s a butterfaith.

Keep loving people and breaking down walls!