Power of Ten is Exponential

200px-Exp.svgThe Dream Team at Lifepoint serves their tails off week in and week out and yesterday they got a blessing. We had 10 fresh, fired up volunteers that joined our setup team and 10 more that joined the tear down team.

Did it make a difference? You bet it did and the difference wasn’t an added difference, it was an exponential one.

These 10 people allowed our setup team to finish 45 minutes ahead of schedule and our tear down team to accomplish a 50 minute task in 30. Not only did they allow the team to be more efficient, their presence added life, energy and comradery to the team.

The awesome thing about these 20 people was that they were from another church. Life Community Church shut their doors yesterday and went out into the community to serve. How awesome is that? Lifepoint wasn’t the only place that their church was, but their presence was felt here.

So two very cool things happened yesterday. I saw how united the CHURCH is in our city and I saw how important it is for our teams to always continue to recruit, train and equip new team members. Teamwork makes the dream work and strong teams go farther, faster and stay in the game longer.

One thought on “Power of Ten is Exponential

  1. Great Post. I agree, we are blessed to serve alongside of awesome churches like Life Community. No question, every dream team member makes a difference. Imagine a church where everybody chipped in. What if there were 500 volunteers??? just wondering…

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