Lack of Passion = Lack of Details

I have been fortunate enough in my life to be a part of some great teams, great organizations and great churches. Each of these groups had some things in common. They all had great chemistry, clear mission statements and winning attitudes. They also had people that were freakishly passionate about the mission and were sticklers for details.

I believe that those last two ingredients go hand in hand with each other. I believe that when you are passionate about the goal, the project, the person then you leave no stone unturned, no i undotted, no phone call unmade. There is just this sense of responsibility and this weight when you own the mission.

So when I see people or projects that are lacking in details, I wonder if they are passionate about what they do.

Are you late to meetings, unprepared, is your work sloppy or mediocre? Are you always looking for or making excuses? Do you forget to communicate key information? These all could be signs that you either don’t understand the mission or you are on the wrong bus. Don’t panic just either get on board and get excited or get on another bus that you can get excited about.

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