Confirmation Number

I love confirmation numbers! I feel powerful when I have one and I feel lost when I don’t. How could anybody operate with0ut them?

In ministry I have found this to be true as well, I need a confirmation number. Life is to short and linking people with Jesus is so important that I can’t afford to go down paths that God is not leading me down so there are a few confirmations that I look for.

  • First is adversity or resistance. I learned this early on.. we are in a war and war is messy. If the direction you are heading in is comfortable and doesn’t meet obstacles then you may what to make sure your heading in the right direction. I went to a church for 6 years that led no one to Christ and everything was easy. Each week the services went off like the week before, no resistance, no change. Then I switched over to a church that was very active in the community and many lives were being changed and guess what… it was messy. The power would go out during the services, projectors would break, key people would get sick, the list goes on. What was the difference??? The difference was that satan could care less about the dead church reaching no one and is working his tale off to distract the one that is reach people.

The same is true in your lives. If you are on the right path, you have an enemy that is working against you, your marriage, your finances but the Bible says that He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world (that means that Jesus rocks!). So press on, we win! You should get excited when things are a little rocky because you are on the right path, that is your confirmation number.

  • The next thing that I look for is that what I am doing lines up with scripture. If it doesn’t I am in big trouble. I can’t say that it feels right so it must be right, that’s stupid. There is a peace that comes with doing the right thing but it never comes at the expense of God’s word. God will never lead you to do something that doesn’t line up with his word. NEVER.

There is a few other indicators that I look at but these are the main two that print the confirmation number of my life. Once I have my confirmation number I am confident and I roll with it!

2 thoughts on “Confirmation Number

  1. Darryl,
    I could have written that first paragraph about adversity myself. I was a youth pastor at a church for almost two years that was exactly like what you describe.
    I had a seminary professor once tell me….if you aren’t going through some resistance, you need to look at what you are doing. Because Satan cause problems for those he is worried about. Those he isn’t, he doesn’t even bother messing with.
    Since I left that position and decided to get back to my original calling, to plant, it has been nothing but a fight. My family and I have to make sure we have our armor on before we get out of bed in the morning.
    It’s all for His Glory!

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