8 Year Old Miracle

phillyGod showed up big time in my life on July 29th 2001. Philip Strickland came into this world in dramatic fasion. He didn’t want to wait until his October 14th due date. He didn’t want to be born in Raleigh like his brother and sister. It was Duke Hospital for him and it was an wild.

I remember it like it was yesterday and it was like a scene off of ER but I also remember how close I felt to God. I almost lost my wife Kelli and Philip but the God who is rich in mercy spared them both. Each day after his birth the docotors at Duke told us he had a different health issue but I felt like God said this kid is fine and each problem came and went.  No heart problems, no stomach problems, no cystic fibrosis, no 3 months in the hospital. In just 3 weeks, we carried our 2 1/2 pound miracle home and he has been like a flash of lightning since then.

I thank God for His mercy and for this kid.

Happy Birthday Philip!

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