Lessons From A Novice Runner Pt. 1

I have just started running (mainly because my Wii Fit tells me that I am obese) and I have already learned a few things that I find helpful.

The first lesson that I have learned is that when I get fatigued and want to give up, I have to fix my eyes on something that I can see. Finishing the whole run is still the goal but when I can’t see the finish line I have to focus on a more short term goal. This helps me get through the battle going on in my head. If I tell myself that you can get to that next point then I have a goal that I fell like is achievable and when I get there I pick another target.

I feel like we have a lot of people at Lifepoint in that spot as well. There is a battle going on in their mind and they can’t see the finishline. The fatigue has them at a point that they just want to give up. Don’t do it! Fix your eyes on the next mile marker that God has infront of you and the run towards it with all you have. He will give you another one when you get there.

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