Sunday Night Recap

Since Pastor Jeff is in Brazil here is my take on this Sunday at Lifepoint.

  • It was incredible!
  • The vibe at Lifepoint right now is awesome. God is doing something cool in peoples lives!
  • Our children’s director twittered this today- “I love that kids come up asking if there is anything they can do to help serve…never to young for that servants heart! Love it!” and she is right. There were kids from 6-10 years old breaking down chairs and pulling cases out. How awesome.
  • The band was off the hook. Patrick, Jeff, Becca and the gang brought it.
  • The message today was so stinking practical and you can sense that this group of Lifepointers are on the edge of something BIG in their walk with Christ and their lives.
  • We had Wayne Cordeiro in the house today via video and he brought it.
  • We had a church plant group in the house today that will be planting in Florida. Church planters excite me.
  • We have spotlighted the ARC (Association of Related Churches) all month as one of our strategic ministry partners. I cry every time I watch a video about people moving to cities where they know no one and have a heart to reach everybody there. I love the ARC.
  • We have invested a lot money and sweat into our sound system over the last month and it shows.
  • We missed Pastor Jeff and Drew this week, however the Dream Team didn’t let up or back down with them gone! BTW word is that Pastor Jeff and the Gospel For Brazil team are kicking tail for Jesus in Ubauna.
  • We bought 60 Unleash Conference tickets for our Dream Team and they’re all gone!!
  • If you didn’t hear the message this week, you need to listen to it online and then you need to go to and dive into your Bible like never before. For real!!
  • February 8th is coming and it is going to be awesome (3rd anniversary, newcomers and kids baptism).
  • We sent a bunch of chicks to Clayton tonight to experience Christine Cain. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
  • Pray for Pastor Jeff this week. He is speaking each night in Ubauna, Brazil.
  • That’s all for now.

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