Hoggard Update

bildeI have not blogged much about my coaching gig this year or our team (twitter has hurt my blogging) so I wanted to update everyone.

Some of you may recall that last year was a dream season. We went 15-0 and won the state championship 28-0. It was awesome.

This years team is very different from last years. Last years team only trailed in a game once. This year we have trailed in every game, however we are 9-1, we have won 7 straight conference championships, went 7-0 in the conference for the 4th straight year and are the #2 seeded team in the 4AA playoffs that start tonight.

Another thing that is different this year is that this team is very spiritual. Over half of the kids pray after pracitice and after the games. They have gathered around both players and coaches that were down and prayed for them and just this week our starting running backs brother was murdered and the team has rallied behind him.

Will we win it all again this year? I don’t know but I do think the kids on this team will make a difference in this world for years to come and that’s the championship that excites me.

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