What Church Staff Wish Their Pastors Knew

This is part 2 from my notes at NewSpring Chruch in SC. These notes are intended for Senior Pastors.

What the staff wishes their Pastor knew.

1. Tell me what you expect of me.

  • You can’t hold people accountable for unspoken expectations.
  • Your staff want to do a great job. They want you to trust them.

2. Give me time (to get the job done).

  • People will work weekends and days off when it is the exception not the norm.
  • Get three weeks ahead.
  • Ask how much time will it take to do this.

3. Thank you goes a long way.

  • Pastor, when was the last time you said “thanks” to a staff member?
  • Pastors, we need to be in the business of saying “thanks!”  Trust me…it goes a long way for someone on staff to feel affirmed and appreciated.

4. Give me permission to fail.

  • We can never use fear as a motivator.
  • If a staff member fails chasing vision, you have to reward them.

5. Understand that I have a life.

  • One of the biggest problems in churches today is the fact that many staff members are COMPLETELY FRIED because of a schedule that is demanding and demoralizing.
  • As a pastor–one of the things I MUST champion is the protection of the people that I serve with.  I MUST understand that they need time to relax.  I MUST understand that they need time with their families.  I MUST understand that the more rested and refreshed they are the better they will do their jobs!

6. Let me take things off your plate.

  • Pastors, let me make you a promise–there are things that you are doing RIGHT NOW that some of your staff members are begging God that you would stop doing them because…well…your not that good at them.

7. Ask my opinion.

  • As a pastor my job is to lead and to listen to my people.
  • God placed me as the pastor over this staff for two reasons…to lead them AND to listen to them.

    AND…the only reason a senior pastor would not value the opinion of the people he serves with is because he is insecure (and an idiot!)

One thought on “What Church Staff Wish Their Pastors Knew

  1. Go ahead on with it!!!!!!!! The ones who know how to do things the best way, are the ones actually doing it. Takes a serious leader like Perry to recognize that and listen to it.

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