Four Things For Staff To Be

My next few post are from notes I took at NewSpring Church two weeks ago. This session was with Perry Noble.

This post is on four things for staff to be. Here is Perry’s words.

Be thankful.

  • If you have an un-thankful staff member you need to cast vision on them or fire them.
  • Un-thankfulness for all that God has done will cause us to miss what he wants to do.
  • The hardest staff to lead is un-thankful staff.
  • The most stressed pastors or the least grateful ones.

Be honest.

  • Dishonest always leads to dysfunction.
  • Integrity and honesty go hand and hand.
  • When being sensitive trumps being honest, it’s over.
  • If you are not being honest, you are crippling your ministry and your church.

Be a good steward.

  • Do what you will say you will do.
  • I don’t expect perfection because I can’t produce it. I just expect your best.
  • Apathy can not be afforded on a staff ever.

Be aware.

  • Be aware of our motives. Why do I do what I do? If Jesus isn’t in the answer, then you need to do some soul searching.
  • Be aware of God’s movement. It fires some up and ticks some off.
  • Be aware of Purity. My job is to make sure that I am useful to God. 2 Tim 20 & 21.

More on Purity tomorrow!!

    One thought on “Four Things For Staff To Be

    1. Three things I have always asked from my staff(s). Any more than that and they get confused.

      1. Be on time
      2. Work when you are supposed to (scheduled shift etc)
      3. Do what you are asked, when you are asked to do it.

      It’s amazing to me how few people will do those simple things. Do those three things and you will succeed over 95% of the workforce.

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