Hurricane Gustav Relief

This is an email that I received just a few minutes ago from a partner church in Louisiana. Healing Place Church was a hub of relief during Katrina and are right in the middle of the activity this time as well.

Hello everyone,

I finally have internet access restored (not sure for how long) and my mobile phone is working now as well.  There is wind damage all over Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas with electricity out to over 500,000 households.  Trees are on houses, including mine, and shelters are running out of food and fuel for generators.

Sorry for being so straight forward, but we have several needs.  If you could help any of the following please let me know ASAP.

Here are our needs as of right now:

Ready to eat or ready to cook meals (non-perishable food items)
Tarps for roofs
Fuel (regular or diesel) with a pump to dispense it
Financial resources that will be distributed to local churches for staff pay roll, pay for supplies and clean up expenses.  If you would like to donate financially you can wire funds to Healing Place Church.  Here is the information:

Healing Place Church
19202 Highland Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

We will possibly need volunteer teams, but will not know for sure until the next day or two.

Thank you all for praying for the great people of Louisiana.  Continue to pray for all of our leadership and that the resources that we need will come in.



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