Man On Fire

Is there a fire in your gut? Are you passionate about something? Anything? That is my burden right now. I want to see people that are fanatical about what they do and who they are. When I see people go through the motions of life it makes me feel nauseous and angry.

Having said that, here are a few things that are burning in my gut right now:

  • Helping Lifepoint prepare for what God has in store. I believe with all my heart that the only thing that will keep us from growing and pointing more people to life is us! I feel like we need to sure up our net in a few places and continue to strengthen the line in all areas and God will meet us there. However, if we bring a mediocre effort to the table, that’s all we give Him to work with. That’s BURNING IN ME.
  • Helping others catch on fire. As I stated above, it upsets my stomach to see people with potential that are fine with mediocrity. I not only want to see them meet their potential and be on fire at what they do, I want to help them. This is BURNING IN ME and I have to be honest, sometimes I just want to throw up my hands on this one. I want so bad to encourage and inspire and sometimes I just want to lay into people (which is not a bad thing). I am seeking God in this area of leadership.
  • Here is another thing that is burning in me. Since coming into ministry full time, I have done a poor job of protecting my family time. As TD Jakes says “I have loved His bride and fed mine” and God calls us to do the opposite. It is BURNING IN ME to be a better husband and father, to do a better job at leaving it at the office. I have told myself for years that it is just different in ministry and in certain areas it is but I am my wife’s only husband, my kids only dad and that’s got to come before ministry.
  • Face time with God. Jeff inspires me with this one but it is BURNING IN ME to spend more and more time with God. I don’t ever want to lean on my abilities and strength. I have been there, done that and I ain’t that good. I need God more than ever in my life and daily routine. My goal is to spend and hour in the morning and an hour at night alone with God.

That’s what is BURNING IN ME right now.

4 thoughts on “Man On Fire

  1. From one burning brother to another, I want to say sincerely to you that I love you, your post has struck a real chord in my spirit, and I will take special time to pray for you this day. Reading your words in this post reminds me how much I miss doing ministry beside you. “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

  2. Thanks Daryl for being honest, real and human, like Eddie stated your post has struck a real chord in my heart. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

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