Secret To Green Grass

It has been dry as all get out around here lately. I mean like two years dry. When I cut my grass, I can’t see my house, or cars or anything. But even though my lawn is jacked up and my soil is dry, I have noticed that my neighbor down the street has maintained a plush green golf course lawn (and I hate him but that’s a different topic).

What is the difference in our yards? Why is it that his looks like a golf course and mine like a sand trap?

I know you know what I am about to tell you but lean in to this next part.

It’s greener because:

  • He waters it daily (sometimes twice a day)
  • He puts time into it
  • He invest in what it likes

Nothing earth shattering there but isn’t this true in almost every area of our lives? We are attracted to greener grass in areas such as:

  • Finances
  • Marriages
  • Jobs
  • Belongings

The lie that we buy into is that all we need to do is jump the fence to enjoy the green grass but the truth is, when you get over there, you figure out that the grass is green because it is watered, kept up and cared for. The simple truth is that the grass is greener where it is watered. If you aren’t happy with your marriage, maybe you need to water it, spend time working on it and invest in it. Same with your kids and your business. This even works with your health and your realtionship with God. The more you invest the more awesome it becomes, the less you invest the drier it becomes and the more other options look better.

Take the time, energy and resources you have and invest them into your lawn (Relationship with God, Marriage, Kids, Job) and you will find that it will green up just like anyone elses.

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