Follow The Leader

Do you know what is better than a strong leader? A strong leader with soldout followers. I think what you are getting ready to read is one of the most effective things you could do for your pastor or team leader.

God has opened my eyes as to how many opportunities the church has missed because of lack of support of their leaders or worse: undercurrent that works against the house . I have viewed this first-hand in every area of leadership that I have ever been in.

We see all through scripture how God gives a person a vision and the ability to lead and then He sends people to support that vision. The more people that cheer on their leader, lift load off of their leader and support their leader’s vision, the greater the impact the leader and the church has.

A beautiful example of this is geese flying in the V formation. The lead goose is working his tail feathers off leading the way and his leadership reduces turbulence for all the others. Research shows us that because of this setup, geese can fly 71% further in this formation than alone (that’s crazy). But the best part is what the other geese do, they honk like crazy affirming the lead bird’s efforts and this encourages him to keep it up!

I am going to say this as clearly as I can. If you can’t support your leader 100%, get off the team now (99% doesn’t cut it when souls are on the line). Lack of support will cause one of the following things to happen: 1) No Growth In Your Ministry, 2) Slow Growth In Your Ministry, 3) Leader Burn Out In Your Ministry. The above mentioned things all effect your church’s ability to reach people that are destined for hell.

If you find yourself in this spot, resign today. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, but maybe you’re in the wrong ministry. Or perhaps you have some issues that you need to deal with personally. Either way, don’t slow down growth because of selfishness; lives are on the line and this is serious business.

If you’re in the V formation and you’re honking loud to cheer your leader on, keep it up!! Continue to lighten their load by helping out with anything you can! Continue to encourage and cheer them on! Focus on your leaders’ strengths instead of their weaknesses. Don’t bring them problems, bring them solutions. If you do this, watch out, your church will be positioned to reach it’s potential!

8 thoughts on “Follow The Leader

  1. Right on brother. What has bothered me lately is there is not much talk and/or emphasis on “followship”. There are no leaders without followers. And yet it seems that all we talk about is leadership, everyone wants to be a leader, how do we train more leaders. Leadership training, development, and being a leader is what everyone wants to do. How come no one wants to be a follower or do followship training?


    I love this blog.

  2. The goose at the front is the strongest and has to prove daily he belongs there. With that he earns strong followers. A strong leader makes strong followers natural.
    Our Lifepoint leaders have proven their strenth. They make it natural for us to HONK. Someone like me is going into the community and praising Jesus.
    My prayer is to never let our leaders down!
    I love you guys!

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