Fitness Test

Do you remember the Presidential Awards? My kids did their Presidential Test today and it was both fun and educational. I watched as they did sit-ups, push-ups, shuttle run, some flexibility test that I don’t remember and a long distance run. The fun part was watching them do the different exercises the educational part came on exercise 3 for my oldest child Noah. For 4 out of the 5 exercises he either got presidential or national level but on his third exercise (the V-sit or flexibility test) his score wasn’t even on the chart and I don’t mean that in the good way. He has no flexibility!

Here is what I learned from todays fitness test.

  1. If you want to know where you stand then you need to be tested.
  2. Accountability partners will let you know if you are off in certain areas. (sometimes way off)
  3. You need a good baseline to shoot at.

If there were a presidential test for christians what do you think we should test? Here are some things that I would vote for.

  1. Do you spend time with God daily? (through reading scripture and praying)
  2. Are you applying what you read? (through serving and loving people)
  3. What’s your baseline? (hopefully it’s Christ)
  4. How do you handle a test? (do you view it as from God?)
  5. Do you welcome feedback from trusted sources? (people who care about you more than themselves)

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