ARC 2008 Part One

I am a conference junkie and I know good conferences and bad ones. This is a good one and here is why:

  1. God is doing something is my heart here.
  2. God is growing and rounding our team here.
  3. God is building a network of pastors that are generous, loving, creative, strong and the list goes on

All I can say is that this has been an incredible two days for me. Here are some one liners from day one and two:

  1. For churches under 100, be faithful, God wants to reach people more than you. – Billy Hornsby
  2. Anytime you decide to take territory, there will be a fight. – Chris Hodges.
  3. The devil doesn’t care what your theology says about him, if you take territory, he will mess with you. – CH
  4. We are slaves by choice to Christ. – CH
  5. When blessing increase, temptation increases. CH
  6. Three things that will help you win the fight against the kings that you will face: Humility, Honesty, Holy Spirit.
  7. Discouragement is an occupational hazard in ministry. – Greg Surratt
  8. A cheap temporary fix replacement for the Holy Spirit is Mt. Dew, Antihistamines, and Red Bull (taken in that order). GS
  9. Four things to make it in ministry by Dino Rizzo. 1. Relational servanthood leaders, 2. Acknowledge and celebrate what others are doing (especially in your city), 3. Protect your intimacy and passion for Jesus, 4. Enjoy life – All Of It!!!
  10. We are not honored because we have not given honor. DR
  11. Find out what your heart is and guard it, because it can be stolen. DR
  12. On being loyal to your staff. You reap what you sow. DR
  13. Transition people out when they are blocking progress (whether they are paid or unpaid). Stoval Weems.
  14. On what current trends bother you in church. Anger of current generation, work ethic of current generation, dishonoring of current generation. DR  Lack of parental involvement with kids. Scott Hornsby.
  15. Like finding a combination to a safe, if you want the combination to your city, you have to get close to it. DR
  16. One of the signs of growing old spiritually is that you don’t see God in things like you used to. You don’t hear him as good as you used to. Brian Houston.
  17. Move not only toward what used to be (when it was good) but what has never been.BH

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