Worth Celebrating

I heard in from some of my friends in ministry and God did some serious business yesterday. Check out just a few of these stats:

  • NewSpring – Our friends in Anderson, SC had 12,000 people yesterday and 120 gave their hearts to Jesus (They have been running about 8,000).
  • Next Level Church – These are friends of ours in Ft. Myers, FL. They broke 1,000 yesterday for the first time and they are gaining some serious ground.
  • C3 – This is the church that Jeff and I came out of. They had 4,100 people this weekend in a community that is a lot like Leland. They were running 1800 when we left just over two years ago. Go C3!
  • Elevation Church – We have just met these guys but their story is incredible. They are a two year old church in Charlotte and had 4,800 people yesterday. Over 500 people gave their lives to Christ!!!
  • Revolution Church – These are our friends in Canton, GA. They did an egg drop from a helicopter and expected 3,000 to 4,000 people. 12,000 people showed up and another 5,000 never made it out of their cars. Holy Cow!!! How do you make that work, they did! All this so people might know Christ loves them. Keep it up Revolution.eggdrop

Just to name a few!!!!

3 thoughts on “Worth Celebrating

  1. What does all of this say to we who are the church? Do you think that people are hungry for Christ? Do you think that the Holy Spirit is busy drawing people to Him? I think……no, I believe that we either strap in or get off, because God is about to take us all for a HUGE ride!

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