Big Day, Big Night

Today was full of highlights here are a few:

  1. This morning we kicked off a new series at Church called Broadcast and it was good.
  2. Jeff brought IT on describing the validity of the Bible.
  3. Drew and the band rocked Broadcast by Steve Fee.
  4. The Dream Team was killer again.
  5. Dale Jr. finished 2nd in the race.
  6. The day was capped off with a 5 star celebration for the football team that I helped coach at which we got our championship rings (check out the pics). This deal rocked. The mayor was there, our local tv sportscaster, Bob Bonner sat at my table, the food was great, there was an awesome highlight video that got all the juices flowing (big shocker, I cried) and we left with all kinds of goodies to remind us of how special this season was. If you are new to my blog, we went undefeated and won the 4A State Championship. I had to put a picture of a plaque of our rings because the flash wouldn’t let me get a pic tonight. I will put one tomorrow.

OlineRingsCoaches Rings

(1st pic – oline w/coaches, 2nd pic – ring, 3rd pic – coaches)

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