No Guts No Glory

I am reading more an more blogs and articles online and MOST negative comments have no link to the author or a bogus address. Why is it that critics are usually cowards. I know this seems harsh, especially coming from me but it burns me up when people that don’t have the guts to attempt something have no problem ripping up people up that do. I have heard it said that there have been no monuments built to critics and it’s true.

I have personally resolved to throw away or delete any comments I receive that are anonymous. If you don’t have the guts to identify yourself, you will not receive any space in my head, on my blog or in my inbox.

5 thoughts on “No Guts No Glory

  1. why am i compelled to go to a particular site and read their church-bashing posts?? it just pisses me off…funny though, how this “particular church” in wilmington, which will not be named, bashes any relevant church reaching ppl but will not touch LP. what, no balls? because LP is REACHING PEOPLE with Jesus’ love. grrr…i gotta stop reading those as well.

  2. I made that resolution while I was in ministry in Virginia and got anonymous letter in the mail about my wife’s unsightly weight and her style of dress. I went somewhat ballistic and the foillowing Sunday morning I announced from the pulpit, “If you are here this morning and you go by the name ‘anonymous’ and have to send out mail rather than communicating face to face, I’d appreciate it if you would find someplace else to attend church.” Of course I fell under conviction for using the pulpit in that fashion, but I understand precisely what you are saying and I affirm your disdain for such COWARDS!

  3. By the way, on the fire department we used to refer to such cowardice in terms that I won’t use here, but it had something to do with the stuff one might find on a chicken house floor. Sorry, I just felt compelled to share that bit of provocative info.

  4. “D” some people have so much anger and fear in there hearts, that all they can do is strike out at people to draw attention to there empty lives. These are the same people who protest of soilders, disgrace fallen heros from the war, ask what’s in it for them, standing there for there monthly handouts from the goverment that they protest. Not careing that this same goverment and same local churches who protects there anonymous, slezzy, cowardness, selfish, rude, wimpy buts!!
    That being said we should throw them out a invitation this sunday and pray for them.

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