My 15 Most Influential Leaders

So many people have shaped who I am as a person. I probably could list my top 50 but here is 15 leaders that I look up to and have had a positive impact on me and my leadership (in no particular order).

  1. Dino Rizzo
  2. Matt Fry
  3. John Maxwell
  4. Bill Hybels
  5. T.D. Jakes
  6. Perry Noble
  7. Andy Stanley
  8. Charles Stanley
  9. Dan Reiland
  10. Reggie Joiner 
  11. Greg Surratt
  12. Jeff Kapusta
  13. Craig Groeschel
  14. Ken Blanchard
  15. Adrian Rogers

7 thoughts on “My 15 Most Influential Leaders

  1. There ae at least 6 of those names that would probably make my list too. Also, I don’t think I could limit mine to 15. I might need to go follow the lead of NCAA basketball and pick the top 25. Pretty strong company you’ve named there Buddy. If these are your ministry models then it sure says alot positive about you.

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