Penetrating Culture

I took this picture at a local bookstore today and I am not sure what commentary it deserves but I thought that the placement of books on this sales table was very strategic. How cool would it be if someone who is attracted to the bunny noticed the tag line of the book beside it and picked it up? Purpose Driven

6 thoughts on “Penetrating Culture

  1. You should go to the Barnes and Noble at Triangle center in Raleigh. They have the Sex and Pornography books right across from the Bibles on the same aisle. Its also a 2 story book store, It was done on purpose.

  2. Even a man like Hugh Hefner can have a view of what his purpose is in life and pursue it successfully. Thank God for a man like Rick Warren who challenges us to go beyond that to what God’s purpose for each of us is.

  3. Hey Daryl, Check out -‘The Message//Remix:Solo’ Uncommon Devotional- It rocks! It goes right along with the message bible that you guys gave me! It breaks the bible down also into days, so you can start anyday. It breaks it down into 4 sections for each day: Read, Think, Pray and Live. It Rocks! I just got it tonight and I so wanna keep reading it, but I don’t want to go through it to quick, but it’s already impacting me and I’m only on day 1, the way I think especially, you know how I analyze everything…it so helps with that!! Check it out, I think you guys would like it ALOT!!

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