Christian’s Break My Heart Sometimes

I just got and email from someone who was offended by our latest mailer and I have to be honest with you, it broke my heart. I will let you read it and then I have a few comments.


I found your flyer adorned with a picture of a used-up roll of toilet paper still on its hanger in the mailbox of my weekend getaway in Wilmington, and I think it is, without a doubt, the most vulgar invitation to a church service that I have ever received.

Your targeted demographics, I’m sure, are rock ‘n’ roll airheads who have the crude sensibility to think that your disgusting graphic and its message are cool.

We are certainly living in strange times when a “church” has to resort to bathroom humor to attract worshippers. If this is what Christianity has fallen to– dumbed-down to– in its desperate search for new converts, then it is not worth . . . well, it’s not worth a roll of toilet tissue.

I can just imagine your tacky services with rock and roll “praise” singing, feel-good fellowship, banal and semi-illiterate, insufferable sermons. No dignity. No poetry. No intelligent theology. No majestic, traditional hymns. Nothing of any taste or culture.

“Come, Lord Jesus,

Our guest to be,

And let us rock ‘n roll with Thee.”

Is this your mantra?

When it comes to Christianity, the Lifepoint Church must be the pits. I shall save your advertisement to illustrate the revolting shallowness of contemporary worship services in an article I am writing that contrasts Christian Humanists with Christian Fundamentalists. I believe your church falls into the latter category.

I have to tell you, criticism like this doesn’t make me mad at all and I am serious when I say that it doesn’t make me rethink our mission but when it is from a so called Christian, it saddens me. I definitely don’t think we have cornered the market on how to do church and I think that every Church in town should be at least a little different (there is no one size fits all church). What hurts me the most is people or churches that get so rallied behind a methodology or some theology that their arrogance wreaks and there is no possible way that they are a reflection of the heart of Jesus. Even writing this puts me to close to the line but I hope this is a warning to everyone that our main deal is this:

27He answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'[a]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b]”Love the Lord your God with all your heart,

This is our main task, not policing Churches, not slicing people up with our tounges. We have to stay on task!

If you are wondering, I did respond to this email. Here is my respones:

Thanks for the encouraging words. Our heart is definitely for those far from God in this community and our desire is to love all those rock ‘n’ roll airheads to Jesus (just like He would). I wish you the best as you tell people about Christ love. Have a safe trip home and sorry for mailer.

God Bless,
Daryl Strickland | Executive Pastor | Lifepoint Church

7 thoughts on “Christian’s Break My Heart Sometimes

  1. This is sad…I hate to see the body divide itself over “rock and roll heads”…Well all we can do is do our part and share the gospel of Jesus to this town. I hope you dont mind but I posted this on my page. I want my friends to see it as well. See ya in the AM.

    In Christ,

  2. OH! This makes my head want to explode! This type of attitude is exactly what I was running from when God led me to Lifepoint! Daryl, I admire you and your patience so much. Thank you for displaying such a Christ-like manner in your response. I on the otherhand am often thankful that I don’t have access to tactical nuclear devices.

  3. why do we complain and get worked up over marketing and advertising such as this? good grief, lifepoint’s mailers are TAME compared to our society’s marketing. just enough to grab the attention of the regular joe, but certainly far from “vulgar”. some people need to wake up and get in touch with the “taste and culture” around them…and learn what language our culture actually speaks… i’m sure his wife still shops at Victoria Secret even if their marketing is practically soft-porn and doesn’t advertise “conservatively”.

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