Weekend Scoreboard September 9, 2007

Fall Kickoff – Week One of “Stuck”

Attendance: 436 (New Lifepoint High) – same week last year 338 (29% increase)


  • All Because Of Jesus
  • Happy Day
  • Life Is A Highway

Moment/s to remember:

  • More people stepping up on the Dream Team
  • Six more people praying to receive Christ!!!
  • College students everywhere.
  • Greeters shuttling people in under their umbrella, ella, ella.
  • Realizing that this was the first Sunday that I didn’t know everyone who was serving (I know it sounds weird but that was awesome for me).

Message: Jeff knocked another one out of the park and whether you feel stuck in life or not this message and this series will motivate you to kick it in gear. Check out the podcast tomorrow here.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Scoreboard September 9, 2007

  1. congrats on the new high guys! That’s awesome and it just means that so many people are experiencing Jesus and the church for the very first time…it’s great that they can do that in such an amazing environment as LifePoint!

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