Jeff got an iphone and I only have one thing to say


I watched my boss like a young kid in a candy store, stand in linepeople on opening day and get the toy phone that he has been dreaming drooling over for months now. We picked it up on the way back from DC so we had to find somewhere with wireless so we could activate it.

Jeff then (like a salesman) began to show me all that it could do. I have to admit, I am amazed. There is nothing like this out there right now, I don’t care what anyone says. He has full web access and even blogged while we were driving. You can put your thumb and index finger together on the screen and if you spread them apart the image enlarges, if you squeeze them together it shrinks. Within a few moments, all of his appointment, contacts were synced up. They thought of every convenient nuance for this phone.

As for the price. Before you rib Jeff about how much he spent on this thing let me tell you a little about this guy. He does buy expensive jeans and gadgets, I will give him that but I get to be around him all the time and he is a penny pincher everywhere else. He drinks water and not sodas, he shares meals, he drives an 93 Honda that is paid for, he doesn’t subscribe cable and there is no Big Bertha in his golf bag.

So Jeff, enjoy your toy new productivity device, you deserve it!

3 thoughts on “Jeff got an iphone and I only have one thing to say

  1. Daryl,

    I have been around both of you guys for over a year, and it true Jeff does love clothes, surfing and gadgets, and your right he deserves it. Most importantly it’s your guys love for Jesus that infectous!

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