Blue Like Jazz

BLJI am sooooooo embarrassed to say that I just read this book but I am so glad that I read it. If you were brought up in the church, have strong opinions of what church should look like, think Christians are all Republicans or you are breathing, then this is a must read.

This book so challenges me in areas that I need to be challenged, especially in rituals of the church and unconditional loved that is not so unconditional. Whether you agree with everything in the book or not, you will have to wrestle some ideas to the ground and you will have a stronger foundation when you are done with it.

I can’t do this book justice on a review but here is the one thing for me. People have been turned off by churches, crusades, rules, prejudice, conditional love (you have to look, act, fit a certain mold to be accepted) and religious systems, these have nothing to do with the message of Jesus. We have to be sensitive to what has turned people off, even to the point of apologizing for the misrepresentation of Jesus and let people know the real deal and how much God loves them.

3 thoughts on “Blue Like Jazz

  1. Don’t be embarrassed my bro. I just borrowed Jason’s copy and I am reading it right now. It is a hammer sometimes! We should compare notes…

  2. I read this book about a year ago and in each chapter got really worried where he was going and then got really challenged. It’s a great book and I think it’s more harmful not to wrestle with these kinds of issues.

    Just thought I’d continue with the recommendation and say I love the blog. This is from one LifePoint to another.

  3. I am Half way through the book and feel like it is someone who I just met and want to get to know better. It is difficult to put down because you want to be able to see where Don is going next. I can only imagine that the second half will be as tasty as the first.

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