Weekend Scoreboard – June 24th

Week SEVEN (I can almost guarantee you you will not see a 7 again) of “Ready To Rumble”

Attendance: 256 – same week last year 99 (158% increase)


  • All Because Of Jesus
  • The Stand
  • I Am Free
  • Inside Out

Moment/s to remember:

  • Backdrop collapsing on Chad
  • Skittles Everywhere

Bottom Line: God honors those who honor him.
Next Week: Week one of God At The Billboard: If Everyone Cared .

One thought on “Weekend Scoreboard – June 24th

  1. Hey Daryl!!

    I had about 10 people tell me that you mentioned me on your blog! I am honored! And, dang! it’s nice to be somebody’s favorite volunteer!! I needed to hear that this week-
    It was great to see you again a couple weeks ago. I had such a blast at Unleash, meeting you and your team. I can’t wait for Unleash 2008!! You know, I told everyone that your group was voted “coolest glasses” by the volunteers! It seemed that everyone from your team had the rockingest (is that even a word???) glasses ever!!
    The day you saw me in the nursery was a day when we needed ALL the rocking baby arms we could muster- the natives were restless that day and so I was in there doing a little comforting.
    Seriously, you could NOT have paid me a bigger compliment than to equate my name with seeing Jesus! Thanks so much for hanging out with Jesus at NS! Look me up next time you drop in- I’ll be on the front side walk ushering folks into God’s house to meet Him…. or maybe rocking babies, if necessary (hopefully NOT picking someone who passes out off the floor again!).

    Have a great week and say HELLO to your very cool team from the greeters at NS. We enjoyed them immensely at Unleash!

    Grace and Peace,

    Leslie White

    P.S.– I think the guy that met you at the car was my husband, Dan!

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