I Hung Out With Jesus At NewSpring Yesterday

And it was awesome.

My wife and I where in upstate SC this weekend and made the trip to NewSpring yesterday. We have been tracking what God is doing there but have never been to a service. Let me tell you why they are growing so fast.

It’s Jesus!!! He is there. Here is where I saw him:

  • He was in the parking lot (I turned my hazard lights on because they have a sign that says first time guest should do this. I then parked and thought, what was up with the hazard deal, when out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy running from the front of the church. He approached us and ask if we had our hazards on and we said yes, he then welcomed us and escorted us all the way in the building and ask if we needed any help with anything). I felt loved and cared for by this man Jesus.
  • He was a greeter. I have never seen so many greeters in my life. There where youth greeters, regular greeters, door greeters. They where everywhere and they were over the top helpful and nice. I felt loved and cared for by these people Jesus.
  • He was a children’s worker. Each age group had their area, with dedicated, prepared and excited worker’s. Each area had worship. Each had stories, each had small groups. These kids were loved by these workers Jesus.
  • He was the Fussy Bus Driver. This was so cool. They have a huge plastic (for lack of better words) stroller that seats 6 and a person dedicated to pushing it all service. She goes by each class and picks up the fussy kids and pushes them in the fussy bus. I saw Jesus pushing that bus.
  • He was counseling couples on finances during the service. They have this guy Joe that is burdened to help people live free from financial bondage. He was counseling people in his office on Sunday morning. This guy was using his gift to be Jesus whether it’s convenient or not.
  • He was in the control room. I saw 6-8 people in a room that looks like something at NASA busting their tails so that people knew the words to the songs, so they could read scripture, so thousand of people could watch God’s message on the web and everyone of them where volunteers. Jesus was everywhere in that room.
  • I saw Jesus in Perry as he explained God’s truth’s in language that the audience understood.
  • I saw Jesus in Jason and Kelly as they hosted us for lunch.
  • I saw Jesus in the whole staff as they are so humble about what God is doing in their church and they are so passionate about going after those who don’t know Jesus.
  • He was in my favorite volunteer Leslie that I met at Unleash (she was working the nursery yesterday, and she was there when this lady was about to pass out, I think she runs the place or she’s got a twin or something).
  • He was everywhere I looked yesterday and that made me happy!

Thanks NewSpring!

4 thoughts on “I Hung Out With Jesus At NewSpring Yesterday

  1. I am on a crusade to help others with their personal finances because of what God has done for me with my personal finances! There is NOTHING like doing exactly what God has called you to do.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Hey Daryl!!

    I had about 10 people tell me that you mentioned me on your blog! I am honored! And, dang! it’s nice to be somebody’s favorite volunteer!! I needed to hear that this week-
    It was great to see you again a couple weeks ago. I had such a blast at Unleash, meeting you and your team. I can’t wait for Unleash 2008!! You know, I told everyone that your group was voted “coolest glasses” by the volunteers! It seemed that everyone from your team had the rockingest (is that even a word???) glasses ever!!
    The day you saw me in the nursery was a day when we needed ALL the rocking baby arms we could muster- the natives were restless that day and so I was in there doing a little comforting.
    Seriously, you could NOT have paid me a bigger compliment than to equate my name with seeing Jesus! Thanks so much for hanging out with Jesus at NS! Look me up next time you drop in- I’ll be on the front side walk ushering folks into God’s house to meet Him…. or maybe rocking babies, if necessary (hopefully NOT picking someone who passes out off the floor again!).

    Have a great week and say HELLO to your very cool team from the greeters at NS. We enjoyed them immensely at Unleash!

    Grace and Peace,

    Leslie White

    P.S.– I think the guy that met you at the car was my husband, Dan!

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