This has been a weird month for me. Even though I am totally overwhelmed with tons of small projects and task (reason for lack of blogs) and even though there has been some intense spiritual warfare going on at the LP, I am so PUMPED right now. I felt like this when God called us down here, I felt like this for the fall kickoff and for the FWord series and I am feeling it again.

Here is a few of the things that have got me so jacked right now.

  1. Steve Fee’s newest CD Burn For You – It is insane
  2. The series we are in right now – Ready To Rumble (all about fighting for your family)
  3. LP turning the heat up on our preschool, elementary, middle/high school strategies.
  4. Lifepoint Annex – it’s our new location for students, dream team rallies and our staff’s new home.
  5. My awesome family.
  6. The Dream Team – we have been running short handed each week for the last month for whatever reason and they have flat got-it-done.
  7. An empty tomb!!
  8. This new song that we are doing this week called The Stand. The video is below, it’s long but worth sticking in there.

2 thoughts on “Pumped

  1. Okay, you never finished the story on the key’s. where did you find them? You made us all wonder since you looked in about every spot that could be looked in.

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