How Urban Dicitionary Helps Me

Last fall I signed up for the urban dictionary word of the day (I get a trendy word in my inbox each day and it’s definition). The main reason that I did this is so I could understand what in the world some of our teens were saying to me when they were talking.

I will go ahead and warn you, some of the words and definitions are vulgar and off color. So why would I want to get something like that in my inbox? It’s for two reasons that I continue to get this. 1) I have got to keep up with the lingo so I can communicate and 2) It keeps me in touch with current reality.

The word for today was sobering and motivational. Check it out:

Urban Word of the Day

May 04, 2007: butterfaith

A girl who is fun, intelligent, beautiful, perfect in every way… except she’s devoutly religious.

If not for the whole going to church and not eating meat on Fridays thing, Jenny would be perfect. Too bad she’s a butterfaith.

Keep loving people and breaking down walls!

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