25 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

I have been putting this post off for a while because I don’t want to be negative but here it goes.

  1. People who smack when they eat.
  2. People who slurp when they drink.
  3. People who click pens.
  4. People who cut in line.
  5. People who are inconsiderate.
  6. Parents who don’t watch their kids.
  7. Onions and bell peppers in meatloaf.
  8. People who are lazy (yes I hate myself sometimes).
  9. Commercials
  10. All the talking on the radio
  11. Miracle Whip
  12. Meetings that don’t start on time.
  13. Meetings that don’t have a purpose.
  14. Wearing contact lenses/glasses.
  15. People who park in handicap spots but are fine.
  16. People who park in the loading zone.
  17. People who are selfish.
  18. My weight.
  19. Fwd: Fowarded Emails.
  20. People that are more into theology than Jesus.
  21. Distractions.
  22. Unsweet Tea.
  23. People who are in slow motion.
  24. People that stand around and talk while other people work.
  25. Pastel Colors.

6 thoughts on “25 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

  1. Rock Bottom,

    I hear what you are saying but if you want to tell me you don’t like me than you can step into my space. Not myspace but my space. Ain’t nothing between us but air. If you don’t like me just say so.


  2. 25 things?! That’s it?! If I start making a list it won’t stop! But I guess that’s just where my head is today. Still, I hear ya…

  3. I hear ya man. There was this blue dodge truck in our handicap spot today at the office and man that made me sooo……..hey, wait a minute. Anyways, thanks for hooking me up with the ticket to Orange. It was incredible and I’m so blessed to work on Jeff and yours team! Keep up the good work!

  4. 26. Gossip
    27. People who disguise their weirdness with spirituality.
    28. Not being able to fist-fight as a Christian.
    29. August in Florida.
    30. January in Indiana.
    31. Parents who are not engaged in the lives of their kids.
    32. ….

    Oh, right…this is your list…:)

    Love you bro! Hope your Sunday rocked! Tell Kelli and Michelle that I said Happy Mother’s Day!

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