You either love them or you hate them right? Teenagers are so weird to me. I both love them and hate them. I love the energy, passion, pureness of them. I hate the immaturity, dis-respectfulness and straight up stupidity.

I agreed to co-lead a teen life group at Lifepoint this semester and I will not lie to you, sometimes I dread  Wednesday nights but then they come and something pretty cool happens. A bunch of kids from a bunch of totally different backgrounds come together and totally enjoy hanging out with each other and talking about their spirituality. It is a total freak of nature type deal. I convince myself each week that no one will show and they all come back.

I think the stats say that 85% of the people who give their lives to Christ do so before they turn 18. It’s worth putting up with the little frustrations to see kids connect with God and his plans for them.

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