My Boy Skip In Bolivia

Skip Bachman is one of our members and he is on mission in Bolivia working at an orphanage. I got this update from him this week.  Enjoy!

things are going very smoothly here.  i´ve found a good place to worship at and have met some really good people who love the Lord.  The kids in the home continue to wear me out but i really enjoy investing in them and just being goofy with them.  i hope to take the boys camping soon before it gets too cold.  they love to rough house with me,  i dont think they have ever had anyone to just throw em around.  when i get a chance i fix stuff around the house,  it gets pretty comical trying to do some wiring with about six kids and twelve hands wanting to help, and any tool i put down turns into a toy real quick. so i spend more time chasing down a three year old with a razor blade.

I took about a hundred bucks that Life Point gave me and bought the kids a razer scooter,  a tri cycle, and some kind of sit down scooter thing.  they were in need of some new stuff to do around the house.  i will put some pictures of them on the blog.

well man i miss you guys tons.  i cant wait to worship God with my family at life point.  He has been really working on me in a lot of areas.  it always seems that He does more for me when i go on trips than i could ever do for Him.  He continues to blow my mind all the time.

Proud of you Skip!

One thought on “My Boy Skip In Bolivia

  1. This is an excellent story, do you mind if I use this in an eBook about Humanitarian Missions to Bolivia? It is people like Skip, who are making this World a better place.

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