What We Know Can Hurt Us

I think there is something in all of us that fears the unknown. We fear taking risk because we might fail or embarrass ourselves. We fear trying something totally off the path because there is no proof that this will work. We fear what the statistics say is true.

I am coming to the conclusion more and more that we should fear the known as much as the unknown. I think many times we choose to do something that has already been done because we don’t want to fail or we know what the results might be. Or I think we look at the bank account and decide what can be done instead of asking God what do you want to do. Or we expect to get the same results as everyone else has gotten. Don’t get me wrong, data is good for learning and planning but don’t forget the God who works against all odds. The God of David, Gideon, Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Jonathan, Paul and You. Don’t forget the creative being that he made you to be. Don’t forget that taking a risk on God is not a risk at all. Don’t avoid taking risk because of what is known. Don’t expect to get the results that the survey says you will get, expect to get the results that God wants.

Let me challenge you for a moment. If you know how many people are going to come to your store, or your outing or your church this weekend based off of known data from last years attendance or last weeks attendance or some book, are you following a formula or a God of the impossible? If God has put you on task, expect Him to show up. Expect your church to reach every lost person in your city, expect your business to grow, expect to pass that test, expect to be healed from from what you are going through, expect a better job is coming, expect that future spouse is coming.

Dare to attempt the very things that God lays on your heart whether or not you know what the outcome will be. Expect the unimaginable!

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