Weekend Score Board

Week two of “The Real F Word” was awesome. In a couple of words it was bricks and chicks. Here are the highlights:

Attendance: 347 (New High) – same week last year 145 (140% increase)


  • I am Free
  • Marvelous Light
  • Sing To The King
  • Not Ready To Make Nice (Dixie Chicks)

Moment to remember: Holding a brick for twenty minutes to remind us of the unnecessary weight we carry around with unforgiveness.

Bottom Line: Unleashing Unforgiveness is Unbelievealbe

There are huge benefits to unleashing unforgiveness, here is the list of areas where you will benefit once you unleash it:

  • emotional
  • relational
  • physical
  • spiritual

Make sure you get the podcast tomorrow! The next two weeks are going to rock. Bring someone with you! If you know someone who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, get them to our Easter service!!!

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