How Do You Know If Your Reaching The Disconnected?

The toughest thing about fulfilling the mission that God has given us as individuals and as a church it reaching disinterested and disconnected people. Here are some signs that you are reaching them.

  1. When you need a cigarette butt dispenser coming into your church.
  2. When your sound board has a Crown Royal Bag to hold all the small items.
  3. When people cuss in your New Believers Group.
  4. When unmarried couples grope each other in your New Believers Group.
  5. When you announce that you are doing a series called “The Real F Word” and no one was thinking forgiveness.
  6. And this one just happened to me today. When someone refuses to shake your hand because they have come to the conclusion that most guys tend to scratch their…. (well you get the point) and he is just not down with that (He did give me a fist bump though).

All these have happened at Lifepoint in the last year and all I can say is….. Yes!!! God, please continue to give us favor with people who previously had no interest in you.

4 thoughts on “How Do You Know If Your Reaching The Disconnected?

  1. Hey Daryl,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I am keeping up with ya’ll and continue to lift Lifepoint Church up in prayer. It is awesome to hear what God is doing in Wilmington through you and Jeff. Man you should see C3, all the steel going up is amazing. We just started our 5th service tonight. God is Good. Well take care buddy, hope Susan and I can drop in some time soon.

    In his Name,

  2. I can’t believe we get to play apart in these people experiencing Jesus! I’m so psyched that there is a place where people can be themselves and they feel so comfortable with it because that’s exactly where God wants to meet them.

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