Blue Sushi Rocks

Blue SushiI co-lead a youth life group at Lifepoint named Blue Sushi and these guys and gals are awesome. Twenty-four of us went to Jungle Rapids this afternoon and had a blast. I am embarrassed to say that I got kicked off of the go-karts. Jeff our lead pastor got his go-kart all caught up in the front of my kart and he spun around and Dave’s (our newest staff member and my co-leader) steering seemed to be malfunctioning as he continually bounced off of the side of my go-kart. They pulled us all in for rough driving. In my defense all I can say is…… 3 for life baby!!!!

Anyway, these kids are cool and they enjoy each other. I can’t wait until Lifepoint has a youth group but until then Lifegroups are the stuff!

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