Conference Day 2

Day two was pretty stinking good as well.

The first session on day two was Dave Ferguson (my new best friend) and his session was entitled “respond”. Here are the highlights for me:

  • Quote from Alexander the Great – “Mediocre armies stay in known territories; great armies march off the map.”
  • We have got to be people leading spirit led churches.
  • God speaks we step, God speaks we step, God speaks we step.
  • God wants it worse than us.
  • God wants us to be risk takers, to trade our life for the cause.
  • When was the last time you took a risk on God?
  • What do faith feel like? It feels scary, It feels risky.
  • You have to risk it over and over again (are you telling old war stories or are you risking it over and over?)
  • Failure or fear of it will keep you from risking it all (it shouldn’t)
  • You should take risk on: Emerging Leaders, Emerging Artist, God.
  • You have to reproduce everything, everywhere.

Next session was Matt Carter. I had not heard of Matt before this conference or at-least not heard any of his messages. He session felt a lot like a Louie Giglio session. When it’s over you want to enroll in whatever he ask you to and you also want to just sit there and soak it in. There is no way I can do this one justice so get the CD from but I will put a few of my notes.

  •  It’s not so much our resolve to fulfill God’s vision as it is God’s resolve to fulfill his vision for you.
  • You can’t put a mask on Jesus to draw people in. You will eventually have to take the mask off.
  • Suffering is a beautiful hermeneutic
  • God is absolutely resolved that you be a pastor of unction (holy urgency).
  • If you live with urgency sin will lose it’s grip.
  • If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? It would not be sin. Sin is a waste of time.
  • God has resolved to bring you to a point of trust.
  • Sometimes trusting him means you don’t get to get off of the cross (look at Jesus)
  • Men of unction trust God (when things are good or not)
  • God will complete his good work in you.

We had to leave before the last main session to catch a flight but you can read the highlights here

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