Conference Day 1

This is my first time at this conference and I have not been disappointed. The first day had two main sessions and one breakout and each had some good application points.

Shawn Lovejoy opened things up and the takeaway for me was to relentlessly protect and champion the vision of your church. Don’t be afraid to run off or offend people with the vision that God has give you.

There were lots of breakout options and I choose Dan Reiland’s – Staffing for Growth . I am a big Dan Reiland fan (Pastor’s Coach, Shoulder to Shoulder, etc.). His breakout was slamming. I am all about content being useful and helpful and his info on how to staff, who to staff and how to develop and nurture staff was all of the above. It was to much info to share it all here but here are some highlights.

  • Hire Well – Hire Growth Engines (fight hiring administrative and support positions as long as possible. These spots are important but hiring growth engines should be the priority)
  • Nurture Authentically (Nurturing isn’t always warm and fuzzy)
  • Develop Intentionally (This is one of the most important things we tend to overlook it)
  • Demand High Standards & Consistent Results
  • Play Hard – You have to have fun with your staff
  • Reward Generously

The last session was Ed Setzer and it was good as well. The take away for me from this session was that everything we do has to clearly point to the cross of Calvary. That it doesn’t matter how creative or relevant we are if our message doesn’t clearly point to Christ. I we aren’t clear about Christ we are just building a monument to ourselves.

More tomorrow.

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