About To Bust

I can’t explain the feeling that I am feeling right now other than to say I feel like I am about to bust. I feel so a live and feel like God is about to do something so BIG. This is exactly how it felt just before the launch of Lifepoint and just before we went to two services last fall.

We had staff meeting last night and here is the reason for the excitement. The next twelve weeks could be the most strategic and the most exciting that we have had here a Lifepoint. It starts this weekend with a three week series on what our (you and me) mission is. That series is going to end with a baptism service and a huge message on reaching our friends. The next series will be the best series we have ever done and has the potential to Unleash everyone involved to live life the way they were designed. We are sending 20,001 mailers inviting people to this series. This one will end with a powerful service explaining what Jesus accomplished on the Cross. If that’s not enough, the next week we will have Exodus leading worship and we will start another life changing series.

Buckle Up Wilmington!

2 thoughts on “About To Bust

  1. Dude, I am so pumped for all that is coming up! I love working with you guys everyday. It is so amazing to be around people everyday that care only about loving Jesus and people! Keep up the awesome job you do!

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